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What others have to say:


“I will be 72 years of age this May.
I have pins in my left hip from a skiing accident and pins and a plate in my left ankle from a fall 3 years ago. I find the mobility in that leg is not as flexible as it should be.
As I do not do floor exercises Lynda always provide me with an alternative and supply the proper equipment to help me. She encourages all the members to challenge themselves at every class and she always ensures their form is correct.
Lynda works all parts of the body in her classes and her warm ups and cool downs are good.
From attending your classes my overall strength is greater and my balance has improved. My family has noticed a big difference.”  
Karen D

I have been working with Lynda for the last 3 years. She has introduced me to a sugar free lifestyle,  and I feel so much better, as someone who never exercises she has taught me that a 30 minute walk can help you clear my mind and make my day better.  Her passion, knowledge and kindness is truly amazing .
- Nicole B

I would like to say I really enjoyed the time we spent doing the stairs.You were very punctual and when you were unable to make it you always gave me a heads up the night before .I enjoyed our morning workouts as you always encourage me to go even when I didn’t feel like it. You would say when we finished now that wasn’t so bad aren’t you glad we went. I was glad that you gave me that extra little push, thank-you for that Lynda.  You helped me with my breathing and when I brought the weights you showed me the correct way to use them.
I truly appreciate your friendship and your wisdom about exercising.
- Estelle S

I have known Lynda for quite a few years. She has helped me understand how nutrition affects my overall health. That keeping my body moving will help me as I age. The supplements I take through Lynda's suggestions are fabulous.
Lynda is very reliable and knowledgeable.  She is dependable and friendly.
If you are looking for help with your well-being Lynda is the best
- Carrie D

Lynda was sooooo kind to spend some time with me. She asked me about the concerns I had (on-going patella femoral issues) and my lifestyle. I like Lynda am constantly on the go. I have a life and can’t think of being restricted by injuries! I am starting my rolling journey to enable me to manage tightness in my legs and hips that is causing tension on my patellas. I also realized how easily I can release my pent up back stress (desk job + Go Train commuter!) Who knew you could nearly give yourself a chiropractic adjustment on your bedroom floor with a foam roller! (Note – I still maintain a chiropractic schedule, but this allows me to space out my adjustment schedule!)
I cannot say enough thanks!
- Leanne G